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The Easiest French Verb Book is a unique verb book perfect for older teenagers and adults who wish to learn French at home or in a classroom environment. With this book you will learn about French verbs easily and with confidence.Its aims are: to teach you all the tenses and moods that French uses both in the written and spoken form. to give you the proper pronunciations for all the verbs in this book (which is over 2.000 verbs that have been narrowed down to 70 conjugated patterns) by having the phonetic transcriptions written down besides the verbs and all their conjugated verb patterns, eliminating any doubt on how to pronounce them. to acquire yourself with the meanings of all the verbs in this book which are at the back with a bilingual verb index so you can look up an English verb to get the French equivalent. to give you very helpful grammar tips, a pronunciation guide to help you understand the structure of the French pronunciation and a list of all the IPA symbols used in the French language with their phonetic transcriptions written besides them so you can look up a word in a French dictionary and know how to pronounce them by using the phonetic transcriptions given in this book for their IPA symbols.

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