IN SHAPE/nov19

IN SHAPE/nov19



IN SHAPE Veronique De Cock128 blz
In dit leuke fit-en -gezond-boek toont TV-presentatrice en fotomodel Véronique De Kock je hoe je met enkele eenvoudige dagelijkse oefeningen (fitness, aerobics, etc.) in 10 weken fitter, gezonder en mooier wordt.;;;Voor 10 weken lang krijgt de lezer enkele lekkere en supergezonde ontbijtideetjes mee. Met haar handige beauty- en kledingtips voel je je in no time een stuk beter in je vel.;;;In haar blogs getuigt Véronique hoe zij deze praktische tips toepast in he

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THE ULTIMATE MINDSET GUIDE TO GETTING IN SHAPE!Do you want to lose stubborn body fat or tone up by adding some lean muscle, but always find yourself giving up on your fitness goals within a few months or even a few short weeks? Maybe you want to do it for your career, your family or a special occasion, but deep down have feelings of doubt?If you answered “yes”, I completely understand. My name is Mo and for years I tried to get in shape, but always with hit and miss results. Then one day I realised the problem was not “the program” I was trying to follow, it was me. My mindset. As 7x Mr. Olympia Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger once said; “The mind always fails first, not the body”. Therein lies the secret!So I committed to work on my mind, not just my body. Resulting in having more lean muscle, tons more energy and less body fat in my mid-thirties than I had in my early twenties!In this book you’ll quickly discover:Why the mind is the key to success and how to tap its power, whether you want to get lean abs, boost your energy or add lean muscle naturally!?Simple, step-by-step techniques to get super motived, so you’ll never again run out of inspiration to eat right and exercise regularly!How to overcome some of the most common mindset hurdles, such as doubt, overwhelm, guilt, fear of failure and even fear of success!The best techniques to create positive habits ensuring permanent results!Easy-to-follow written exercises and downloadable bonus worksheets to help you plan your success from start to finish! And much more!This book will teach you how to train your mind to get yourself to take consistent action, so you finally achieve your fitness goals and create permanent results!


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