OXFORD CITY GUIDE Brian Bell 287 pages
Deze kritische reisgids voor de Engelse universiteitsstad Oxford en omgeving, bestaat uit vier delen. Het eerste is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en de ontwikkeling van de stad, het tweede aan de universiteit en het universitaire leven nu, en in het geografisch ingedeelde derde deel wordt informatie gegeven over bezienswaardigheden in Oxford, en in plaatsen in de omgeving. In het laatste deel wordt beknopt praktische reisinformatie gegeven over o.a. vervoer,

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Discover Oxford with this handy, pocket-size guide. Ideal to pop in a pocket or bag for quick reference while exploring this gorgeous city. Slap bang in the middle of England, Oxford is a city of enviable fortune: stunning architecture, abundant gardens and riverways, academic excellence and cultural richness. Whether you re visiting for the sightseeing or the shopping, the cuisine or the nightlife this Oxford travel guide is the perfect guide for your short break. Combining destination expertise with an award-winning pop-up map, this handy city guide will provide all the information you need to get the most out of your trip. The handy Oxford pocket-size guide includes a detailed PopOut city centre map and a 32 page full colour illustrated travel guide. The guide is then divided in to 5 chapters: see it - the best places to see from museums & cathedrals to markets, monuments and much more buy it - pinpoints the key shopping areas and stores to target watch it - places to be entertained: shows, theatres, music venues, ballet, comedy, cinema and nightlife taste it - from ethnic cuisine to local fare to the top places for an evening cocktail; all the best places to eat and drink know it - all the practical information you need to get the best out of your trip Packed with advice and information, this handy pocket size Oxford travel guide will help you get the most out of your trip.


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