Introduction to social psychology : a European perspective

Introduction to social psychology : a European perspective



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Introduction to Social Psychology is a comprehensive and accessible introductory text for students of social psychology. Each chapter has been written by well-established researchers in the field who not only explain clearly the theory and research in their field of expertise but also manage to communicate their enthusiasm for their chosen field.The third edition retains the two distinctive features that have made the previous editions so successful. Firstly, each chapter is authored by leading European experts, giving a state of the art presentation of key works from America, Europe, Australasia, and indeed internationally. Secondly, material is presented in sufficient detail to give students a real understanding of theories and studies presented, rather than a superficial gloss on the field.There are also some extensive revisions in the new edition, in terms of who the authors are, what material is covered, and how it is presented: New authors - Seven of the chapters are written by experts who did not feature in the previous edition and the remaining chapters have been extensively revised. Explicit instructions from the editors have ensured an even writing style and integration between the 17 chapters, and careful editing draws out cross-references and helps the student to see how different topics interrelate. New material - New chapters include Cooperation and Competition in Social Interaction, Health Psychology, and Organizational Psychology. The last two new chapters reflect the increased attention paid to applications of social psychology. New presentation - New pedagogical features include chapter outlines, key concepts and learning questions. These help the reader to monitor their own progress and focus on the key principles. Together with The Blackwell Reader in Social Psychology and The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology, this new edition presents a complete social psychology course for those looking to provide their students with a thorough and challenging introduction to this burgeoning field of study.


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